B2B Services for Companies and Entrepreneurs

B2B services have evolved, especially with the rise of digital marketing, analytics, and automation. Have you ever enrolled in a school for entrepreneurs that integrates a marketing funnel and content marketing strategy into its curriculum?

Understanding emerging trends in the technological realm and how they impact customer experience is crucial. For instance, has anyone ever taught you a method to apply daily in your business to increase your earnings through predictive analytics and lead nurturing?

Are you satisfied with your business’s growth rate and marketing ROI? Do you feel the need to update your skills for today’s digital entrepreneurial world, which heavily relies on influencer marketing and account-based marketing?

These questions are at the heart of the AI Scale Up business-to-business training program, designed for professionals, companies, entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs who:

  • Aspire to elevate their business using personalized marketing techniques.
  • Refuse to settle for mediocrity and constantly strive for excellence through thought leadership.
  • Are driven to enhance their skills in social media marketing strategy.
  • Aim to improve their business results by optimizing content and leveraging a sophisticated marketing technology stack.

Enhancing Business Strategy with AI Scale Up’s Expertise

The entrepreneurship landscape is continually evolving, with a significant focus on customer retention and buyer personas. While the B2C sector is increasingly leveraging eCommerce as a sales channel, the B2B sector often remains more traditional, yet is gradually embracing a marketing technology landscape.

To work efficiently and economically in the realm of B2B, you need:

  • Careful planning with clear objectives, relevant KPIs, and a focus on marketing ROI calculation.
  • A detailed analysis of the tools and channels to utilize, including email marketing and social media marketing strategies.
  • Regular testing and subsequent refinement, embracing marketing experimentation to stay ahead.

b2b services listThe AI Scale Up team, led by Luca Papa, a seasoned entrepreneur with 15 years of experience, has distilled various business concepts, strategies, and personal lessons into a comprehensive, scientific, and repeatable step-by-step training plan, incorporating buyer journey analysis and customer lifetime value (CLTV) assessment.

Moreover, this method is regularly tested and applied to ensure that our B2B consulting services remain current, effective, and aligned with the latest marketing personalization trends.

Deep understanding and precise work organization are what differentiate success from failure. Improvising a digital strategy, without a solid grasp of content syndication and keyword targeting, will not lead you to your business objectives.

Improvising a tech-centric strategy is not the way to achieve your business goals in the ever-evolving B2B landscape.

B2B services offered by AI Scale Up

AI Scale Up offers a range of B2B services tailored for entrepreneurs and companies aiming to elevate their business in the modern technological era Our offerings include:

ai small business marketing

AI Small Business Marketing

Revolutionize your marketing with AI. Reduce costs, outperform agencies and increase profits. Leverage artificial intelligence for content optimization, customer insights and personalized strategies. Stay on top of digital trends and scale your business efficiently with our innovative artificial intelligence solutions.

offerta formativa digital scale up

digital scale up with AI

Challenge yourself to enhance your business turnover immediately. With our Digital Scale Up program, you gain a scientifically grounded and detailed approach to consistently boost your revenue. This program is a perfect blend of content optimization and personalization strategies, ensuring you stay ahead of the latest technological trends.

Grow your business with ai

Grow Your Business

To grow your business with AI, harness its power for market analysis, customer personalization, operational efficiency, and product innovation. Utilize AI-driven insights for strategic decisions and competitive advantage.

inbound recruiting

Results® + Inbound Recruiting

Revolutionize your corporate identity and attract top talent with our cutting-edge inbound recruiting strategies. This service is designed to help you redefine your professional image, foster a motivating workplace, and master the art of recruitment.

digital executive team

Digital Executive Team

For 12 months, work alongside our Digital Project Manager to define and implement digital strategies. This service is vital for generating more online sales, increasing turnover, and customizing your digital marketing strategy, incorporating elements like B2B marketing personalization and analytics.

discover business coach


Uncover the AI Business Coach, a venture compatible with your current job, offering the choice to either complement or completely replace it as it evolves. Revolutionize your existence and that of SME entrepreneurs by fostering their growth in revenue and life quality using the groundbreaking AI Digital Scale Up®

Business check up

Business Check Up

Revitalize your business with our unique solution. Perform a comprehensive check-up to identify areas for improvement. Discover tailored strategies to improve performance and foster growth. Achieve better results and success in your entrepreneurial journey.

contact digital coach


Why Choose B2B Professional Services?

Is your schedule overwhelmed with commitments and meetings? It’s worth considering if adding training to your agenda is beneficial. Here’s why it might be:

B2B Marketing

As a proactive professional, staying ahead in the dynamic tech-driven landscape is key. This includes mastering the latest trends in social media and digital channels. An effective action plan that encompasses these elements, from lead generation to content optimization, can enhance your proficiency in modern technology, making your work more efficient and your schedule more manageable.

Balancing Work and Life

Achieving a balance between work, family, and leisure is essential. Are you maximizing your potential while maintaining this balance? Thriving in business requires mental and physical well-being. If you’re feeling underutilized in your current role, perhaps it’s time to explore new professional avenues. You might find greater fulfillment and financial success in starting your own business.

Elevate Your Digital Strategy

Elevate your company’s potential with digital strategies optimized for B2B environments. Learn to create a comprehensive plan that maximizes campaign ROI, boosts customer engagement, and enhances brand visibility. Begin crafting your success story with us today.

b2b marketing technology landscape

Let’s delve into the challenges, goals, and solutions in the B2B sphere


Problems, objectives and solutions in B2B realities

When approaching a change, doubts and fears can block anyone, even the most confident entrepreneurs.
The hardest step to take is always the first one, but once you get to the finish line you realize how the path you have taken has left its mark.

Doing a careful analysis before making any decision is the first lesson we teach at AI Scale Up.
To help you, we provide you with situations that other companies or entrepreneurs like you have come across.

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Challenges Faced by B2B Entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs encounter obstacles such as not fully utilizing all marketing channels, including social media marketing, or facing budget constraints for necessary investments. Common challenges include:

  • Not earning enough.
  • Inability to leverage all available channels and tools.
  • Lack of budget for investments or uncertainty about how to invest.
  • Need for consultancy.
  • Difficulty in instilling company values in employees.
  • Struggles to find team members who align with business vision.
  • Challenges with delegation.
  • Dissatisfaction with current job performance, feeling more could be contributed.
  • Experiencing low energy levels.

Issues like these can significantly impede the growth and success of a business.

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Setting Objective

Your goals might include:

  • working more efficiently,
  • earning more,
  • becoming more influential,
  • changing your life for the better.

Achieving a healthy work-life balance is also a critical objective for many.

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Our Solutions

Our solutions are tailored to your needs:

These solutions are designed with B2B marketing personalization in mind, focusing on optimizing the buyer journey and improving customer lifetime value (CLTV).

Interested in a Counseling Session?

If these challenges resonate with you as an entrepreneur, manager, or executive, reach out for more information on how we can assist you in navigating the B2B landscape


They say about us…

Barbara Sasso

Barbara Sasso

Senior Loan Officer

Through this course, I learnt how to design and create an effective strategy to improve the experience of a user exploring a website in 360 degrees.

Luca Boscolo

Luca Boscolo

E-Commerce Specialist

Very happy with the lectures given! The lectures covered every aspect of e-commerce with great entertainment value. I consider it one of the best courses for the amount of in-depth material and for my professional aspirations.

Carmen Graziano

Carmen Graziano

Digital Marketing Specialist || UX/UI Designer

An intense course full of lessons and exercises where I got to experience everything we learnt during the training. Together with the Work Experience, it is one of the most perfonrmant digital courses you can find in Italy.

Massimiliano Dell'Anna

Massimiliano Dell'Anna

Digital Marketing Specialist

To get different results you need to make different choices. Choosing Digital Coach gives you an extra gear to make the best choice and enhance what you are best at.

Adriana Pellicani

Adriana Pellicani

Social Media Specialist

I think I took this course at the right time of my professional breakthrough. It helped me to define my new goals and understand the right path to follow!


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