are you interested in understanding why you make little money even though you work hard?

And what about starting over with new strategies that would make you in less than 1 year DOUBLE (X2) both your profit and your (X2) free TIME?

How would that change your life?

are you interested in understanding why you make little money even though you work hard?

And what about starting over with new strategies that would make you in less than 1 year DOUBLE (X2) both your profit and your (X2) free TIME?

How would that change your life?

Find out what entrepreneurs, even in your industry, who make MILLIONS of € without even being operational in the business anymore are doing differently.

Find out with me what are the reasons why your business
is not growing in revenue while the workload on you increases and define through the “DIGITAL SCALE UP®” Method
your 1-year action plan to
turn your business activity around,
but more importantly to your life!


Let’s face it, dear entrepreneur,

you work too much but earn too little, you struggle too much, you give up too much, and you still haven’t achieved that state of personal and professional freedom and well-being you aspired to when you set out.

You always lack time, you live anxiously at work instead of gaining energy from it, and it is possible that your family life also suffers from this condition.

You feel lonely with the ever-increasing economic, legal, and operational responsibilities and risks.

You set out on your own in search of freedom but ended up becoming a slave to your business.

You aimed to make money but have made very little so far.

You wanted to set up your own business to devote to the parts of your work that you are passionate about and strong in, but so far you have had to devote much more time to what you don’t know how to do and don’t love to do.

Would you like to hear an uncomfortable TRUTH?

You work too much and earn too little because

YOUR COMPANY is not working!

But I’ll tell you more!

You don’t even know why it doesn’t work, which is why while other entrepreneurs scale, make money and a good life you can’t.

You don’t know, or rather maybe you think you do but that is your subjective truth, which usually does not reflect the objective truth.

And would you like to hear a 2nd uncomfortable TRUTH?

The main reason why your business is not working is that

Being an entrepreneur is a very difficult job that you still haven’t learned how to do!

And you are also not prepared to become the Entrepreneur 4.0, (Online/Digital Entrepreneur) that will be needed in the coming years.

If you knew how to do the entrepreneur’s job well, you would be billing at least €2-3 million a year, earning on a personal level the amounts that decent entrepreneurs earn (€300,000 to €3 million a year) you would have found a business model and a marketing and sales strategy that makes money consistently and predictably, you would have organized management processes and trained people to be able to break away from operations and invest in other businesses, or enjoy life while the business runs without needing you!

Let’s understand each other, with this direct and raw language of mine I just want you to become aware of the fact that you have problems that it would be foolish to hide and from which it would be even more foolish to run away or postpone the decisions and actions necessary to solve them.

I also want you to realize that there are entrepreneurs who have found the solutions to bill and live great.

But it is in no way my intention to attribute blame to you since:

1) You are in the same condition as most other entrepreneurs.

2) No one taught you how to be an entrepreneur, so it’s normal that you don’t know how to do it.

3) If it is any consolation, I too have had the same problems and difficulties as you, and have made the same mistakes as you.

Luca Papa

If you don’t make up your mind to do something TODAY, you risk spending the next 20 years in this condition that you do NOT like but to which you have become accustomed and which by now you seem to have accepted with a bit of resignation to boot.

I know you might be thinking one of these things:

“Things will get better sooner or later”.
“Right now I don’t have time to deal with this problem”.
“I’ll deal with it later and find a solution”.
“I’ll find an agency or consultant who will scale my sales”.
“I will find a collaborator who will make a difference”.
“I will find a magic strategy with which I will perform”.

But deep down you know that this way things will not change since even tomorrow and next month you won’t find the TIME if you don’t make the search for the solution.

And you know that no agency, no collaborator, no consultant, no strategy will be able to make your company make the leap in quality and level for you.
It is your responsibility to understand and decide what to do to resume and realize your dreams.

You see, I ALSO had to face the same problems as you:

– I too lacked money.
– I also lacked knowledge.
– I too was alone.
– I, too, made a lot of mistakes.
– I, too, worked hard and earned little in the beginning.
– I also didn’t have schedules and vacation days, didn’t know weekends.
– I also brought professional difficulties back into my personal life.

BUT, compared to other entrepreneurs like you

I have studied for the past 20 years from the best Trainers in the world in every field
(Mindset and Entrepreneurial Development, Business Strategy, Online Marketing, Sales, Management, Leadership and Human Resource Management).
I have had international Coaches and Mentors.
I have experienced so much firsthand.
I have taken great risks, dared ( and therefore made mistakes ) but have been able to learn from those mistakes.
I have found solutions to overcome every obstacle encountered along the way.

And I have over the years used and created a METHOD!

A Method that includes all the things an entrepreneur MUST do in all areas of the business to Bill more, while struggling less.

Today I have companies billing 3,000,000 a year (and I am reorganizing them to be able to bill 30,000,000 € within 5 years in 30 countries).

that is, a condition in which (thanks to the earnings made in the past)

I no longer need to work for the rest of my life,
but I decide to keep doing it for passion, self-actualization, to make an impact on the world and others, to feel every day that fantastic energy that comes from having a PURPOSE, a new goal to achieve that creates value for your life and the lives of others.

After achieving my Financial freedom

I WORK (and live) ONLY on my own terms, NAMELY:

Dreaming, thinking big and creating companies that turn over tens of millions of €.
– Playing offense, that is, always working on growth (Continually scaling the business).
Having fun in what I do.
– Working only on projects that excite and enthuse me.
– Working only with those who bring me positive energy (clients, collaborators, suppliers) and excluding leeches from my life.
Feeling great inside every day, i.e. motivated and stimulated by the challenges I set myself.
– Not giving up anything in my personal life: sports (at least 4 times a week), children and family, travel and vacation, health, shopping.

What do you need to succeed like me to succeed?

1 Become aware of the Mistakes you make and the things you and your business are missing.
And getting the shake from someone (who is not you) not to repeat them of course!


A METHOD for making YOUR BUSINESS work at its best.
Knowledge, decisions, processes, best practices all condensed into method:

  • Field-tested by an AUTHOR MENTOR, i.e., that entrepreneur who has succeeded in achieving the professional and personal results to which you aspire.
  • Created following the world’s best practices for running a business and managing the life of an entrepreneur.
  • Capable of producing 10 times more Results in half the time.
  • Ready to use.
  • That you just have to follow like it’s a recipe for a dish you’ve never made.

A METHOD that:

  • Simplifies your life.
  • Reduce by 10 times the mistakes you make.
  • Shorten the time you take.
  • Multiplies the results you can get.

In short that allows you to do less work while achieving more. My belief is that Work Smart is much better than Work Hard. Start working smarter (smart), then always make time if you just can’t help it to add hard.

3 A TEAM, led by a coach/coach, made up of other entrepreneurs who have the same difficulties as you and have to win the same games as you. Together with the team you will follow THE METHOD.

By attending the event, YOU WILL DISCOVER that:

– There is a more direct and less circuitous shortcut than the road you have been traveling so far.
– There are methods for sailing with the wind in your favor.
– There are the gains you deserve and not the ones you’ve paid yourself so far.
– There is the time you need for yourself and your family.
– There are professional achievements and satisfaction on another level.
– There is the opportunity to generate at least double income from your business.
– There is the opportunity to work and live on YOUR terms.
– There is a chance to create a business that works well and even without you.
– There is a way to achieve more while working less.

I cannot and will not delude you that attending the Workshop alone will be able to change all this, but I can guarantee that it will enable you to realize where the road you are following leads and which is instead the right road to follow. It will then be up to you to decide whether or not to follow this new path and begin in the coming months to see some initial results.

Learn with me what are the reasons why your business is not growing in revenue, and define thanks to my “Digital Scale Up” Method your 1-year action plan to Scale Up at least X2 your Business.




Consider this phase as if it were a check-up of your health. If you had a health problem, the priority would be to do comprehensive examinations that can determine what is not working in your body. So undergo complete blood and urine tests, MRI, CT scan, electrocardiogram, and more.

We will do something similar to check the health of your business and life as an entrepreneur through 5 Analyses (5 Guided Questionnaires + Open Questions) for the 5 areas that have the greatest impact in your professional and personal outcomes as an entrepreneur.



You will get the written REPORT with the results of the 5 analyses conducted.

Based on the results of the Check Up, we will point out the critical issues you need to address and the things you need to fix if you want to get rid of the current blocks and start the growth process.


Through a guided process, our DIGITAL SCALE UP methodology, and thanks to Luca Papa’s guidance, you will be able to create a specific action plan designed to enable you to grow and scale your business at least X2 from here to 1 year and in the following 5 years X5/X10.

Your business Action Plan will follow our guided process provided in the “DIGITAL SCALE UP” METHOD, it will start with your highest priority needs, however it can include elements taken from all 5 growth areas.


  4. SALES ( Online and offline including ecommerce)


You will describe your plan to us, timely feedback on your plan:

  • What do you need to do to go from 50,000 to 500,000 annually?
  • From 200,000 to 2,000,000 €?
  • What do you need to do to go from 300,000 to 3,000,000 € annually?

You will ask your questions to Luca Papa and receive answers from him.


Luca Papa

The 4 Customized Reports following the check up;

1 Consultation to analyze;
the specific results of your business analysis.


  • Entrepreneur who wants to increase profit (earnings).
  • Entrepreneur who wants to have more time for yourself and family.
  • Entrepreneur who wants to make much less effort in your business.
  • Aspiring entrepreneur who wants to avoid the mistakes of inexperience and figure out what to do.
  • Entrepreneur who wants to leverage online and digital to scale turnovers and simplify management.

If you want to Get Different Results you have to do different analysis,

get feedback from someone, listen to different stimuli, try something different.

I look forward to the day when you will take the FIRST STEP toward a new era of your business activity, toward your new identity as a modern entrepreneur, toward the personal life you dream of and deserve.

The Day That Will Change Your Professional and Personal Life Forever!


Imprenditore, Freelance o Agency Owner!
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