Launch a career in the field of Artificial Intelligence applied to SEO Copywriting within 2-4 months with 

AI SEO Copywriting Course

Discover how Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize the way you create content for search engines, enhance organic positioning, and generate targeted traffic.

Learn to write content that not only appeals to readers but is also optimized for machines, enabling you to start a Tech Career (even from scratch) and work from ANY location in the world. Traditional SEO is no longer sufficient; the AI SEO Certification program helps you transform into an SEO specialist in just 2-4 months, starting from scratch.

Our secret lies in the Catalyst AI Framework, a revolutionary approach that focuses on practical applications and real-world projects.

This exclusive mechanism allows for learning by doing, guided by the principles of Learning by Doing and Training on the Job. For companies hiring for Tech/Digital SEO roles, it’s not just about what you know, but WHAT YOU CAN DO. They are far more interested in seeing what you have accomplished and with which AI tools you have optimized SEO, rather than your theoretical studies and which university you attended.

How Can AI Transform Your Career?

The answer lies within the journey itself. With innovative modules and real challenges in search engine optimization, each step is a revelation, prompting you to ask, “How far can I truly go?”

The AI SEO Certification program is designed for anyone looking to enter the field of artificial intelligence applied to SEO, even starting from ZERO experience. It is ideal for those already working in the digital sector who wish to further specialize, as well as for young individuals who, despite years of study, have yet to kickstart a genuine career in a field that:

Offers significant growth opportunities.

Ease of job placement and flexible job transitions.

Is aligned with their skills and interests.

Enables higher earnings than less specialized jobs.

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What you can achieve with the AI SEO Certification Pathway?

The AI SEO Certification pathway offers you the flexibility to expand your skills in the field of search engine optimization, enriching them with the use of artificial intelligence through a series of prerecorded mini video courses designed to be intuitive and easy to follow.

These modules cover a wide range of essential topics in the field of SEO and AI, such as advanced SEO, prompt engineering, AI-driven content strategies, and much more. Our AI SEO training course is designed to provide you with all the skills necessary to excel in this dynamic and rapidly evolving field. Here’s what our comprehensive program offers you:

1. AI Training and SEO On Demand

Enjoy access to a comprehensive library of updated, AI-specific content tailored to SEO, available 24/7 to accommodate your busy lifestyle. These mini-video courses cover everything from the basics of AI, such as machine learning and natural language processing, to advanced SEO strategies.

2. On Boarding Coaching

Participate in an introductory session that guides you through the program‘s features and introduces you to our exclusive community. This session is designed to maximize your onboarding experience and ensure a smooth transition into your learning journey.

3. Weekly Implementation Coaching

Benefit from personalized coaching sessions with industry experts. Each week, you’ll receive customized action plans and constructive feedback on your progress, helping you stay on track towards your professional goals.

4. Full-Time Remote Hands-On Experience

Immerse yourself in a full-time internship, working on real projects remotely. This hands-on experience allows you to immediately apply the skills you’ve learned, collaborating with industry professionals and gaining valuable operational insights.

5. Real Projects Even If You Have Limited Time

For those who are already employed and cannot dedicate full-time hours, we offer remote work projects that fit your schedule. These projects are designed to be flexible yet equally informative and enriching.

6. Professional Examination and Certification

At the end of the program, you will need to pass an examination to receive your certification. This not only validates your expertise but also enhances your attractiveness in the job market.

7. On-Demand Placement Service

Our dedicated placement team will work with you to identify and apply for job opportunities that perfectly align with your new skills and professional aspirations.

8. Free Updates for On-Demand Modules

Receive free updates for all course modules during the first year, ensuring you always stay current with the latest trends and innovations in the fields of SEO and AI.

9. LinkedIn Group with Instructors

Join our exclusive LinkedIn group to interact with instructors and fellow students, exchange ideas, resolve queries, and build a valuable professional network.

10. Participation in Events with Companies and Web Agencies

Participate in free online events with industry leaders to learn directly from the best, discover new trends, and connect with potential employers.

11. Professional Website

As part of the course, you will receive resources to create your own professional website, including predefined layouts and hosting. This site will showcase your personal brand and skills, enhancing your online visibility.

Imagine not only creating captivating content but also reaping the financial rewards of your skills

As an AI SEO Copywriting pro, you’re entering a world of exciting income potential.

Course Program

1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Its Role in Search Engine Optimization

This module provides a comprehensive overview of how artificial intelligence has been integrated into search engine optimization. It examines how AI transforms conventional SEO practices through advanced automation and predictive analytics, enabling unprecedented customization and precision in digital marketing strategies. Concrete examples of AI in action will be discussed, illustrating its impact on rankings, content management, and user behavior analytics.

2. Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and SEO

Deepen your understanding of the basic mechanisms of AI, such as machine learning and deep learning, and their direct impact on SEO techniques. This module covers the technological principles behind AI algorithms that enable tasks like content classification, keyword optimization, and personalization of user experiences. You will also learn how prompt engineering helps refine these technologies to achieve optimal SEO results.

3. Competitor Analysis and Market Focus

This module equips you with the skills needed to conduct in-depth competitive analysis using AI tools. You will learn to identify the strategies of your top competitors and evaluate their SEO performance, using AI to uncover hidden market opportunities and strengthen your competitive position. Through AI-guided data analysis, you will develop a deep understanding of market trends and best practices.

4. Insights into AI and SEO Technologies

In this module, you will explore various AI models and frameworks that have been specifically developed for SEO. Advanced techniques for AI application in crucial activities such as keyword research, link analysis, and content creation will be examined. You will study how AI can be leveraged to automate and optimize these areas, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns.

5. Personal Branding and Professional Success

Focusing on personal development, this module teaches you how to build and manage an effective personal brand in the context of AI SEO. You will discuss strategies for presenting yourself as an industry expert, using your specialized skills to stand out in the market. Additionally, practical advice will be provided on how to utilize professional networking platforms to amplify your visibility and influence..

6. Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Industry and the Job Market

Analyze the revolutionary effect of AI on the SEO industry and the broader implications on the job market. This module explores the new professions that have emerged from the integration of AI into SEO, the skills required for these positions, and how you can best prepare to capitalize on these emerging opportunities.

7. Digital and Integrated Strategy Online and Offline

This final segment of the course addresses the importance of integrating online SEO strategies with offline initiatives to build a holistic, multi-channel approach to marketing. You will learn to synchronize your digital activities with traditional campaigns, ensuring that every aspect of your strategy works in harmony to achieve common goals. It will also cover advanced analytics usage to monitor and optimize these integrated strategies.

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Turn Your Passion into a Profession with Work Experience

The Work Experience:

In a world where traditional marketing is no longer enough, the Open AI for Marketing course promises to transform you into a pioneer of the digital age:
Equipped with the skills to master AI marketing, it will make you stand out in a saturated market and accelerate your career to unimaginable heights.

Daily Remote Full-time Internship (WORK EXPERIENCE)

Dive into an Intensive Learning and Working Experience in Digital

For those ready to dedicate themselves full-time to hands-on learning in the field of AI Digital Marketing, our “Daily Remote Full-time Internship” offers a full immersion in current and real projects. By joining the team at AI Jobs Academy by Digital Coach, you will work remotely on initiatives that make a tangible mark online.

Daily Collaboration for Impressive Results

During this real internship journey, which ranges from 2 to 3 months, you will have daily meetings with your coach and will consistently collaborate with your team. This intense and productive cycle not only enhances your practical experience but also sharpens your skills in working in a team on concrete objectives.

Innovative Projects in Specialized Teams

Actively participate in teams specialized in various areas of AI Digital Marketing, from AI SEO to AI Content Marketing, tackling real challenges and contributing to innovative solutions that go online and make a difference.

A Portfolio That Tells Your Success Story

Complete your journey with a portfolio filled with projects you have worked on, showcasing your professional experience and acquired skills. This portfolio will be your calling card in the job market, showing potential employers not only what you can do, but what you have already done successfully.

Real Project Work Experience

Turn Theory into Practice Without Leaving Your Current Job

If you are a busy professional looking to expand your digital skills without giving up your full-time job, the “REAL PROJECTS” Work Experience is the solution for you. Designed for someone like you who wants to grow professionally in the available time, it offers a real internship experience aimed at making you a professional in the digital sector, applying increasingly demanded AI technologies in every field of work.

Weekly Meetings with Your Personal Coach

Every week, you will meet your dedicated coach in an online session where you will receive personalized feedback on your progress and clear directions for the tasks for the following week. This approach allows you to consistently improve by immediately applying what you have learned.

Hands-On Experience on Real Projects

Become part of a team working on cutting-edge projects in areas such as AI SEO, AI Direct Response Copywriting, AI Social Media, and many others. The program covers the specific role you are certifying for, allowing you to gain tangible experiences and practical skills.

Conclude with a Portfolio that Speaks for You

At the end of the program, you will have not only expanded your skills but also compiled a professional portfolio of completed projects, a valuable asset to present in future job interviews or to enhance your current job position.

What Are the Work Teams?


  • Dominate niche SERPs among the top results
  • Position resources at the top for the Prospect’s Customer Journey
  • Create and optimize online content for SEO
  • Semantics, copywriting, internal link building, URLs

Team AI Direct Response Copywriting

copywriting icon

  • Buyer Persona Definition
  • Sales Psychology and Persuasive Writing Strategies
  • Creation of High-Quality Content, Effective Responses
  • Persuasive Copywriting, Inbound Marketing

Team AI Video Maketing & SEO Youtube

  • Video Marketing & SEO Strategies for YouTube Channel Growth
  • Defining Themes/Topics for Videos and Titles
  • Optimization and Understanding Audience Needs/Interests through Competitive Benchmarking

Team AI Content Creation & Social Media

  • Visual Content Marketing: conveying experiences, successes, and emotions through Videos, Photos, Images.
  • Storytelling: strategy for narrating success stories.
  • Visibility strategy across the most popular social media channels.

Team AI Design & Visual Content

computer work icon

  • Communication, Image, and Multimedia for Home Pages, Landing Pages, and Social Media
  • Creating Captivating and Mobile-Optimized Landing Pages
  • AB Testing to Improve Performance

Team AI Analytics

analytics icona

  • Analytics and Reporting for KPIs
  • Dashboard Improvement to Simplify Data
  • Verify Team Results and Provide Feedback
  • Opportunity Discovery: Identifying Improvement Opportunities and Suggesting Data-Driven Actions.

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