Start a CAREER in the world of visual design and digital content with ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in 2-4 months

AI DESIGN & VISUAL content specialist 

Discover how ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE can transform your career in visual content (even starting from ZERO) and enable you to WORK FROM HOME
Traditional design is no longer enough. The AI Design & Visual Content Specialist course helps you become a specialist in visual design and digital content production.

Our secret lies in the Catalyst AI Framework, a revolutionary approach that focuses on practical applications and real projects. This exclusive mechanism allows you to learn by doing, thanks to the principles of Learning by Doing and Training on the Job.

To companies hiring for Tech/Digital Design roles… it’s not just about what you know, but WHAT YOU CAN DO. They are much more interested in seeing what you have created and with which AI technologies you have realized your projects, rather than your theoretical studies and which university you attended.

But how can AI transform my very career?

The answer lies within the course itself. With innovative modules and real challenges in visual design and digital content production, every step is a discovery, leading to the question: “How far can I really go?”

The AI Design & Visual Content Specialist certification program is designed for anyone who wants to work in the world of artificial intelligence applied to design, even starting from ZERO experience. It is ideal for those already in the digital sector who wish to further specialize, as well as for young people who, despite years of study, have not yet been able to start a real career in a field that:

  • Offers significant growth prospects
  • Is in line with their skills and interests,
  • Facilitates placement and flexibility in transitions.
  • Provides higher earnings compared to less specialized jobs.

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Get inspired by the AI Design & Visual Content Specialist Certification by Digital Coach. The time to act is now. The transformation you desire is within reach, and the future of visual design awaits you.

Our legacy speaks for itself, with over 8,000 trained students. Experience an innovative teaching method that translates into tangible career results.

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What you can achieve with the AI Design & Visual Content Specialist Pathway

The AI Design & Visual Content Specialist program offers you the flexibility to expand your skills in visual design and digital content production, enhancing them with the use of artificial intelligence through a series of mini pre-recorded video courses, designed to be intuitive and easy to follow.

These modules cover a wide range of essential topics in the field of visual design and AI, such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, prompt engineering, and much more. Our AI Design training course is designed to provide you with all the necessary skills to excel in this dynamic and rapidly evolving field. Here’s what our comprehensive program offers you:

1. AI Training and Visual Design On Demand

Enjoy access to a comprehensive library of updated and specific content for AI applied to visual design and marketing, available 24/7 to fit your busy lifestyle. These mini video courses cover everything from the fundamentals of AI and marketing to advanced visual design strategies.

2. On Boarding Coaching

Join an introductory session that guides you through the program’s features and introduces you to our exclusive community. This session is designed to maximize your start and ensure a smooth transition into your learning journey.

3. Implementation Coaching Weekly

Benefit from personalized coaching sessions with industry experts. Each week, you will receive customized action plans and constructive feedback on your progress, helping you stay on track toward your professional goals.

4. Full-time Practical Experience from Remote

Immerse yourself in a full-time internship, working on real projects remotely. This hands-on experience allows you to immediately apply the skills you have learned, collaborating with industry professionals and gaining valuable operational insights.

5. Real projects even if you have little time

For those who are already employed and cannot commit full-time, we offer remote work projects that fit your schedule. These projects are designed to be flexible yet equally informative and enriching.

6. Exam and Professional Certification

At the end of the program, you will need to pass an exam to receive your certification. This not only validates your competence but also enhances your attractiveness in the job market.

7. On Demand Placement Service

Our dedicated placement team will work with you to find and apply for job opportunities that align perfectly with your new skills and professional aspirations.

8. Free on-demand module updates

Receive free updates for all course modules during the first year, ensuring you always stay up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in the field of visual design and AI.

9. LinkedIn group with faculty

Join our exclusive LinkedIn group to interact with instructors and other students, exchange ideas, resolve doubts, and build a valuable professional network.

10. Participation in Events with Companies and Web Agencies

Participate in free online events with industry leaders to learn directly from the best, discover new trends, and connect with potential employers.

11. Professional Website

As part of the course, you will receive the resources to create your professional website, with predefined layouts and hosting included. This site will showcase your personal brand and skills, enhancing your online visibility.


1. Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and Design

This module provides a comprehensive overview of Artificial Intelligence and its role in design and visual content production. You will explore the basic concepts of how AI thinks and the importance of prompt engineering in design. Concrete examples of AI in action will be discussed, illustrating its impact on creativity and precision in visual design.

2. Advanced Insights into AI Technologies and Design

Deepen your understanding of AI technologies, including Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Generative AI. We will examine AI applications in the design sector and visual content production, including specific models and frameworks that can transform your creative practices. This module covers advanced techniques for using AI in crucial activities such as image generation and layout optimization.

3. Market and Competitor Analysis

In this module, you will learn to conduct in-depth competitive analyses using AI tools. We will analyze the main players in the AI and visual design market, identifying trends and competitors’ strengths. You will develop positioning strategies and market focus that will enable you to strengthen your competitive position.

4. Personal Branding and Professional Success

This module will guide you through the construction and management of an effective personal brand within the context of visual design and AI. You will discuss strategies for presenting yourself as a certified expert, leveraging your specialized skills to stand out in the market. Practical tips will be provided on how to utilize professional networking platforms to amplify your visibility and influence.

5. Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Industry and Job Market

Examine the revolutionary effect of AI on the visual design industry and its broader implications on the job market. This module explores new professional opportunities created by the integration of AI into visual design and content production, the skills required for these positions, and how you can best prepare to capitalize on these emerging opportunities.

6. Marketing and Promotion Strategies

This final segment of the course addresses the importance of integrating visual design into online marketing strategies. You will learn how to optimize visual content for search engines (Basic SEO) and develop digital strategies for effective promotion. It will also cover:

  • Website creation and WordPress usage for visual content publication.
  • Web Design principles for a better understanding of design applied to visual content.
  • Copywriting basics for creating effective text to accompany visual content.
  • User Experience to ensure optimal enjoyment of visual content.
  • Content Marketing & Blogging to promote visual content.
  • Digital Storytelling to engage the audience through compelling visual narratives.

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Transform Your Passion into a Profession with Work Experience

The Work Experience is the highlight of the entire training course at Digital Coach.

It involves a total of two months of practical work to be performed in one of the six teams, chosen from all those available in the Work Experience, under the supervision of established industry experts.

You will have the opportunity to tackle real Digital Marketing cases applied to AI and test all the knowledge gained during the theoretical part in the field.

By leveraging the experience of actual internship, you will gain the opportunity to enhance your skills and operational abilities in digital marketing and AI

Daily Remote Full-time Internship (WORK EXPERIENCE)

Immerse Yourself in an Intensive Learning and Work Experience in Digital

For those ready to dedicate full-time commitment to hands-on learning in the field of AI Digital Marketing, our “Daily Remote Full-time Internship” offers a complete immersion in current and real projects. By joining the AI Jobs Academy by Digital Coach team, you will work remotely on initiatives that make a tangible impact online.

Daily Collaboration for Impressive Results

Throughout this real-world internship, which spans from 2 to 3 months, you’ll have daily meetings with your coach and consistently collaborate with your team. This intensive and productive cycle not only enhances your practical experience but also hones your abilities to work within a team towards tangible objectives.

Innovative Projects in Specialized Teams

Take an active part in specialized teams in various areas of AI Digital Marketing, from AI SEO to AI Content Marketing, tackling real challenges and contributing to innovative solutions that go online and make a difference.

A Portfolio that Tells Your Success Story

Wrap up your journey with a portfolio filled with projects you’ve worked on, showcasing your professional experience and acquired skills. This portfolio will be your calling card in the job market, demonstrating to future employers not only what you can do but what you have already successfully accomplished.

Real Project Work Experience

Turn Theory into Practice Without Leaving Your Current Job

If you’re a busy professional looking to expand your digital skills without giving up your full-time job, the “REAL PROJECTS” Work Experience is the solution for you. Designed for those, like you, who want to professionally grow within the available time and provides a real internship experience aimed at making you a professional in the digital industry by applying the increasingly demanded AI technologies in every work sector.

Weekly Meetings with Your Personal Coach

Every week, you’ll meet with your dedicated coach in an online session where you’ll receive personalized feedback on your progress and clear instructions on tasks for the following week. This approach allows you to continuously improve by immediately applying what you’ve learned.

Hands-on Experience with Real Projects

Become part of a team working on cutting-edge projects in areas like AI SEO, AI Direct Response Copywriting, AI Social Media, and many others. The program covers the specific role you’re certifying for, allowing you to accumulate concrete experiences and practical skills.

Wrap Up with a Portfolio that Speaks for You

At the end of the journey, you’ll have not only expanded your skills but also compiled a professional portfolio of completed projects, a valuable asset to present in future job interviews or enhance your current job position.

What are the Work Teams?


  • Dominating niche SERPs among the top results
  • Positioning resources at the top for the Prospect’s Customer Journey
  • Create and optimize online content for SEO
  • Semantics, copywriting, internal link building, URL

Team AI Direct Response Copywriting

copywriting icon

  • Definition of Buyer Persona
  • Sales psychology and persuasive writing strategies
  • Creation of high-quality content, effective responses
  • Persuasive copywriting, Inbound marketing

Team AI Video Maketing & SEO Youtube

  • Video Marketing & SEO strategies for YouTube channel growth
  • Definition of themes/topics for videos and titles
  • Optimization and understanding audience needs/interests through competitive benchmarking

Team AI Content Creation & Social Media

  • Visual Content Marketing: telling experiences, successes, emotions through Videos, Photos, Images.
  • Storytelling: strategy of telling success stories.
  • Visibility strategy on various trending social media channels.

Team AI Design & Visual Content

computer work icon

  • Communication and multimedia image for home pages, landing pages, and social media
  • Creation of captivating and mobile-optimized landing pages
  • AB Testing to improve performance

Team AI Analytics

analytics icona

  • Analytics and Reporting for KPIs
  • Dashboard Improvement to streamline data
  • Validate team results and provide feedback
  • Opportunity Discovery: Researching improvement opportunities and suggesting data-driven actions.

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