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Digital Coach® is the one of the main Digital Marketing Academy in the world focused to train new digital professions and future digital entrepreneurs.

On this page you will find some information about us, our Teachers, our Students and the companies that collaborate with us.

Watch the Video to get an idea of what we do, how and where we operate.

Digital-Coach is a digital training school founded in 2012 and based in Milan, Viale Francesco Restelli 3/7.

It is one of the first to delve into these topics in Italy, certifying its courses as Masters and Certifications. It is also thanks to this that Digital-Coach has become a Google Partner, a status that only professional Web Agencies can boast of having Google-certified staff in-house.

Director Luca Papa is also the founder, Regional Google trainer and one of the main teachers and trainers for over 35,000 professionals and over 300 of the most important multinationals in Italy.

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Areas of specialisation

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Digital Coach is a school specialising exclusively in training in the Digital Marketing area (Web, Social Media and E-commerce), which is why it is not as well known to the general public as generalist Universities and Business Schools.

On the other hand, we are very well regarded and recognised by companies in the market segment in which we operate (Digital Marketing), so much so that our former students now work in companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Uci Cinemas, Tradedoubler, Mc Donald’s, Casa.it and many others.

Teaching Method

Strategy: Effective online best practice, business-oriented strategies, knowledge that is immediately applicable in the company

Practical-Operational Approach: Business-oriented, Concrete and Pragmatic, Learn how to increase customers

Tools and Software: Use professional tools, Study software directly, Create campaigns, online pages, blogs…

Account Creation: Create key business accounts with the trainer, Configure accounts live, Use key features with the trainer…

Examples and Case Histories: References to real cases, Sites and Campaigns shown live

Online and Classroom Questions: Questions during the Live Lecture, Live Answers, Tutor to support online students

Live exercises: Practice exercises during the lecture, Real case simulations, Classroom corrections

Home Exercises: Practical exercises assigned during the lecture, In-class corrections

Work Experience Activities: Real cases, Use professional tools, Create campaigns, Online pages, Conduct inbound marketing activities, Reports

Relations with companies

We interact with Marketing and HR Managers of companies such as ZALANDO, FERRERO, ADIDAS, NATUZZI, RADIO DEEJAY and other various corporate giants. Digital Coach imports in Italy the best of the international Know How in the Digital world, mainly referring to the American market.

From our American references we inherit the training programmes of our courses, the teaching methodologies, the software and tools we teach to use, and the Best Practices we propose.

Luca Papa: the Director

I am a Digital Marketing Manager and Trainer/Coach who has been trying to learn something new every day for over 1 decade to be able to offer the best training in Europe in the field of Digital Marketing.
In 15 years of activity, more than 40,000 business professionals from more than 500 companies have participated in my trainings.

I run the Digital Marketing of Digital Coach, a leading school in the training of Digital professionals, for which I also directly act as Trainer/Coach. I also work as a trainer for Google, for which I am one of only four official trainers for the Italian market.

I guide professionals ( job seekers, freelancers, entrepreneurs ) in the world of Digital Marketing ( Web-Social-Ecommerce ) to help them find the path to professional fulfilment

By improving every day the DIGITAL COACH training experiences so that they are extraordinarily effective in enabling our students to succeed in and thanks to Digital

Study in Milan or whetrever you are


Digital-Coach is always ready to fulfil all of its students’ requests.

We have TWO fundamental modes of attendance to keep you up-to-date with all the latest digital news. Thanks to the three attendance modes (Online and On Demand) you can be present wherever you are and whenever you want.



With the “Online – live” mode, you can follow the lesson wherever you are by connecting to the Webinar platform.

The platform allows for good interactivity. You will be able to ask the lecturer questions via chat. The Classroom Tutor will forward them to the lecturer at the end of the topic so that you receive a live answer. Thanks to the Tutor you will feel like part of the classroom!

The lesson can be used from both desktop and mobile. Although, we recommend that you use your PC to have the opportunity to apply the tools explained.

In addition, you have the possibility to watch the lesson again on demand, as and when you want, directly from your smartphone.

On Demand

As an On Demand student, you have the video recordings of both the diurnal and evening modes at your disposal. Both refer to the same programme, however we recommend that you watch the one from the last update.

Your reserved area is available for 18 months and updates occur approximately every 5 months. The video recording will be updated with the latest version.

How to use the content:

  • For each module you have both the video and the slides.
  • A module lasts a total of 7 hours. Don’t worry, it is not necessary to watch it all at once. You can spread the hours over the week according to your availability.
  • You can interact with the lecturers using the Digital Coach LinkedIn group.
  • You can ask your colleagues for help and advice on the Digital Coach Facebook group.

Contact us

By filling out this form you will have the opportunity to:

– Request information on this and other Digital Coach certifications.

– View and download 3 summary tables on Course Catalogue and related study subjects, Included Services available and Price List. You will also receive an e-mail containing the same info and links to video testimonials from participants and video presentations of all courses.

– Book, if you wish, your participation in the webinar “10 steps to make a career or start your own business with digital” live online. After attending the webinar, you can request a one-to-one coaching session with one of our career consultants.

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